Seminar workshops in the area of the Podlaskie White Stork Trail

Published 25 June 2015

The study visit for tour operators, journalists, and blogger from Germany on the Podlaskie White Stork Trail was held on June, 2015.

The visit was organized by Podlaska Regional Tourist Organization, which together with “Argo-Group” Association for Sustainable Development – the contents partner, implements the “Protection of white stork in the area of Podlaskie White Stork Trail through an information and education campaign” project co-financed by Small Grants Fund of “Protection of biological and ecosystems diversity” PL02 Program within European Economic Area Grants 2009-2014.

The main objective of the undertaking was to arouse interest in the subject of protection and behavior of the White Stork and to show the area of the Podlaskie White Stork Trail as a place famous for housing the biggest concentration of storks in Europe, with particular focus on its unique natural value.

The participants saw the most renowned places in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – such as The Białowieża Forest and The Valleys of the Narew and the Biebrza.


Did you know…

In the Arab world, the souls of people who had not made their pilgrimage to Mecca during their life traveled in the bodies of the storks, hence the birds were always favored and protected by humans.

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