One-week trip – our proposition: Białowieża Forest

Published 19 June 2015

1st day

  • Arrival in Białowieża
  • Learning about the Białowieża Forest: visit to the Nature and Forest Museum; walk around Palace Park and to the most precious area of Białowieża National Park, former Strict Nature Reserve. Hike along the “To the Jagiełło Oak” trail.

2nd day

  • All-day bicycle trip:
  • Ride around Białowieża (St. Nicholas Orthodox church, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus Catholic church, Directorial Park, Białowieża Towarowa, geometric center of the Białowieża Forest).
  • Walk along “The Forest’s Trees” [Puszczańskie Drzewa] educational trail.
  • Ride along the Narewkowska Road to the Old Białowieża wilderness preserve and walk along the Trail of Oaks of Kings and Grand Dukes of Lithuania.
  • On the way back to Białowieża, visit to the Wood Architecture of the Ruthenian People of Podlasie Open-air Museum [Skansen Architektury Drewnianej Ludności Ruskiej Podlasia].

3rd day

  • Nordic walking (about 9 km) along the “Near Krynoczka” [“W pobliżu Krynoczki”] path – to a wonderful Orthodox church and a healing spring.
  • Travel on a narrow gauge train through the Forest from Hajnówka to Topiło and back. In the meantime, walk along a part of a nature trail.
  • Visit to the Holy Trinity’s Church [Sobór Świętej Trójcy] and the Podlasie Monuments’ Miniatures Park [Park Miniatur Zabytków Podlasia].
  • Relax at the Water Park in Hajnówka.

4th day

  • Visit to the Forest Education Center [Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej] “Jagiellońskie” and walk along “The Forest Landscapes” nature trail.
  • Ride on handcars to the mysterious “Place of Power” and back to Białowieża.
  • Relax in one of the hotel SPA centers in Białowieża.

5th day

  • Visit to the bison refuge “Kosy Most” – perhaps there will be a chance to spot the largest European mammal in its natural environment.
  • Visit to Narewka – the Tamara Sołoniewicz Gallery, Beekeeping Museum, or the forgotten Jewish cemetery.
  • Kayaking trip down the Narewka river to Kapitańszczyzna (11 km – about 3 h).

6th day

  • Early-morning bird observation at the Siemianówka Reservoir, walk along the nature trail to the observation tower.
  • Active rest at the Touristic, Recreational, and Cultural Center [Ośrodku Turystyczno-Rekreacyjnym i Kulturalnym] in Stary Dwór (courts, pitches, sports equipment rental), relax at the Siemianówka Reservoir.
  • Trip to the Land of Open Shutters [Kraina Otwartych Okiennic] – villages with beautifully decorated houses and sacred objects.

7th day

  • Travel through the north-western part of the Białowieża Forest, the Lady Forest [Puszcza Ladzka].
  • Visit to Father Gabriel’s Skete, located in the picturesque Narew Valley.
  • Saying goodbye to the Białowieża Forest and return travel.




Did you know…

The stork cannot sing. It also does not produce sounds. It can only wheeze silently by releasing air through its pharynx, or clatter its beak.

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