Podlaskie: Stork Paradise Events

Organization of promotional and information events, and promotional activities during “Podlaskie: Stork Paradise” tourist fair.

The subject of the events and promotional activities: Protection of the white stork on the Podlaskie White Stork Trail

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2014, and in the year 2015, the organization of events and promotional activities during the most important fair events in the country is planned. The scheduled events and promotional activities will take place in:

  • 2nd quarter of 2014 in Łódź in Manufaktura center
  • 3rd quarter of 2014 in Białystok at Kościuszko Square
  • 1st quarter of 2015 in Katowice
  • 2nd quarter of 2015 in Warsaw
  • 2nd quarter of 2015 in Lublin
  • 2nd quarter of 2015 in Białystok

The events will be held under the banner “Podlaskie: Stork Paradise” and they will cover the subject of White Stork protection on the Podlaskie White Stork Trail. The events will take place in city centers, e.g. Kościuszko Square in Białystok, Main Square in Lublin, and Manufaktura center in Łódź, in order to attract as many people as possible, not only from the city where the event is organized. The promotional activities will also take place at the most significant tourist events in Poland, inter alia in Katowice, Warsaw, and Białystok. The events scheduled were selected with consideration given to the type of cities in which there is the need for promoting ecological attitude and raising awareness on the necessity to protect nature, especially the white stork species. Nature-related tourist offers are becoming an increasingly popular way of learning about nature. It is more eco-friendly; it does not harm the environment, and at the same time, it develops ecological attitudes in the society. The purpose of these activities is to depict the region of Podlaskie Voivodeship as an extraordinary place in terms of nature and as a haven for white storks.
The promotional activities, stalls, and their arrangement will have ecological character, and at the same time, they will be connected with the protection of the white stork species. The aim of the events is to develop ecological attitudes and awareness of the need for biodiversity protection. To achieve this goal, promotional materials will be presented and distributed by hostesses wearing white stork costumes, e.g. at Manufaktura center, in the center of Białystok, Lublin, and people will be encouraged to participate in the promotional event in an active way. For every event there will be stalls prepared, where materials on ecology, nature tourism in the region of Podlaskie Voivodeship, and the “Podlaskie: Stork Paradise” publication will be available. White stork soft toys and balloons will be prepared for the youngest participants. Numerous competitions, games, and quizzes on the subject of the environment and the white stork species protection will be organized by a master of ceremonies during the event.

Outline of the event’s program
1. opening of the event by a master of ceremonies, information on the activity’s financing, organizers, the event’s aim, competitions, games, prizes, and encouraging people to visit the stall,
2. organizing competitions about the white stork protection,
3. distributing promotional and information materials by hostesses and by the stall’s staff,
4. engaging families with children in active participation in the promotional activity.