Educational workshops

A series of workshops will be held for teachers and youths from the area of the Podlaskie White Stork Trail.
Their aim is to teach the local people about the unique character of the area they live in, habitats of the white stork, its behavior, and protection methods.
The workshops will be run using activating methods with active participation of students in and outside the classroom.
In order to conduct the workshops effectively, teaching aids and materials will be purchased.  Particular focus will be put on combining theory with practice, interactive activities, and the students’ emotional attitude. The workshops for teachers will aim at preparing groups of students for workshops and at enabling teachers to run classes independently at the end of the project.

Lesson scenarios will be designed, on the basis of which classes in schools will be conducted:
– to be applied in the classroom (in the winter season, during adverse weather conditions);
– to be applied outside the classroom, in close proximity of the school, in the spring-summer-fall season when the weather is good.